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HH Stable - Keppihevospassit

Brand new hobbyhorse register Keppihevospassit offers a new innovative way for hobbyhorseists to register their horses. You can now buy a identification chip that uses NFC-devise. This kind of chip can be read with a mobile phone that supports NFC. It opens horse's personal website, horse's own passport. That passport includes the basic information of the hobbyhorse.

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Every commission horse will have this kind of identification chip from now on. I will register every horse ready and the orderer can then edit the information for their own horse. You just simply have to register to Keppihevospassit website so I can give you ownership for the horse. It's completely free for you. When you have registered to the site, inform me.

If you have an old horse that I have made, you can also register that to the website. In that case you have to buy an annual membership to the website and buy an identification chip that you have to attach to the horse by yourself. I have my own breeder number, which is 11-, so please, use it.

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