You have arrived to my commission website. Here you can find everything about my hobbyhorse and hh`s equipment commissions.

Commission queue is now closed! Next time I'll take commissions in summer.

NEW! 3 new yarn+outside fabric colors added!

Website updated 16.2.2022

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All of the horses and equipments in Kesäniitty`s stable are made by Saara (me). Now you can also have one! 

I make all kinds of hobbyhorses. Also some equipments, bridles, martingals and leather halters for example. 

I have made hobbyhorses since 2013 winter, but since 2017 autumn as a commissions. Horses and equipments are all the way hand made and I do use a lot of my free time to them. 


Order conditions

- If you're under aged, you have to have your parents` permission to ordering.

- You have to have the money for the horse, if you're ordering it.

- Paying happens through bank transfer.

- When you get the photos of the horse to your email, please say, if you're not happy with the horse`s looks.


About the horses

Already stuffed basic horse costs 250€. You also have to pay shippings. More information about them below. 

I don`t sell/send unstuffed horses. Different markings, colorings, mane and equipments make extra price to the start price. You can find those more price making things from the mane and the coloring -pages. Be sure that you have read them through properly, so you can know, what makes extra price and what doesn't.

Horses` eyes are made from clay. They can be brown or blue, as the customer wants. Nosetrills are made from felt, they can be black or pink depending on the head markings. Ears are hardened, but still bend a bit and can resist normal using. I put the mane on a backing yarn, which I sew onto the horse. Stick doesn't come with the horse.

There's a prefix for the horses that are made by me. It's "KN" and used to put it in front of the horse's name. I reeeeeaally hope that everyone uses it.

About the equipments

It's very possible to order equipments, that are meant to your own horse, not for the commission horse. There's information about them in the "equipments" -page. Shippings make extra price to the equipment price. The shippings are about 10-15 € in europe, because they're shipped as letters. These shippings are not included in the equipments' price. If you order equipments for the commission horse, then there will not be these "extra shippings", because the shippings are already included to the horse's price.


Important things

I make all kinds of hobbyhorses which are possible to make with my materials. I don't make copies from already existing hobbyhorses, but I can very gladly try to make copies from real horses, or hobbyhorse versions of animals, or even artists etc., with good model pictures of course. I usually take 3-9 orders in one month, depending on the sizes of the orders and the amount of my free time. I choose the orders to the queue based on my own feeling and available time.

I usually take orders in the end of the month and I post information about it in my instagram @khtkesaniitty. I try to take all kinds of commissions, not only horses or not only equipments. I usually give 1 month for myself to get the orders ready. So don't order a horse in one week notice. You can order a horse, equipments or both. Only you know what you want and I'm just trying to do my best. If you have something you want to ask, please email me .


About shipping

When the commission is ready and I can see the payment in my bank account, I will send the horse in next 7 days. It normally takes ~5 days to arrive in Europe. 

Shipping costs:

EU Countries: 25€

Other countries: 50-70€ (country and horse size matters)

Estonia: 15 €


I'm used to wrap the horse in bubble wrap and then pack it in a cardboard box. If there are equipments with the horse, I will put them on the horse. If you ordered just equipments, I will put them in a cardboard letter.

How do I get to the commission queue

If you want to get to the commission queue, you have to copy and fill just one or both from the ordering forms and send it/them to MY EMAIL, (NOT INTO MY IG DM) 

I usually wait for a week for the forms and then I will make a post to instagram, where I will tell that I have chosen orders. Then you have to check out your email, if you got a place from the queue. If you didn't, don't worry, I will make commissions in future too, maybe in next month. If you did get a place, then I will tell you some more information about the commission.


Commission horse form 

- Orderer's name (last name too!)

- IG account, if orderer wants to communicate through Instagram dm

- Country

- What type of a horse do you want? (dressage, showjumping, shows, western, allrounder...)

- Breed (+ possible gender)

- Fabric

- Yarn and mane type 

- Possible markings (model picture?)

- Possible shadings and other special colorings

- Possible model picture?

- Horse's size 1-3 (in the end of this page)


Equipment form

- Orderer's name (last name too!)

- IG account, if orderer wants to communicate through Instagram dm

- Country

- Measurements for bridles and halters  (fill only if you are going to order a bridle or a halter for your own horse): 1. mouth size (for the bit), 2. from the corner of the mouth to the other corner of the mouth (behind ears) , 3. the circumference of the nose (for the noseband)  4. the length of the browband and 5. the circumference of the jaws

- Measurements for ear bonnets (fill only if you are going to order an ear bonnet for your own horse): 1. size of the inner side of the ear, 2. size of the outer side of the ear, 3. size of the space between the ears, 4. the size from the front side of the ear to the outer side of the eye and 5. the circumference of the ear

- Measurements for martingals and breastplates (fill only if you are going to order a martingal or a breastplate for your own horse): 1. the length of the strap which goes around the neck, 2. the length of the strap which goes from the middle ring of the martingal/breastplate to the attachment of the stick and horse, 3. the circumference of the attachment of the stick and the horse, (only for martingals: 4. the length of the strap which goes from the middle ring of the martingal to the bit        

- What equipments you want to order? 

- For your own horse or for commission horse?

- The color of the leather

- Gold or silver details (buckles, rings, bit etc.)

- (The bit model and the reins)

- Possible rhinestones, paddings...

- Possible model picture for the equipments

- Please, describe PROPERLY what you really want.

If you're ordering a horse, fill the commission horse form, but if you're ordering equipments, fill the commission equipment form. If you want to order both, then fill both forms. Then you can send the forms to MY EMAIL (NOT INTO MY IG DM) if you want to order. 


Size 1: pony


Size 2: warmblood


Size 3: draft

More about the sizes:

Size 1: pony

  - suitable for ponies and small horses, such as Icelandic, Connemara, Fjord

  - compact, light weighted, easy to hold up

  - if you want even smaller pony (shetland for example), it's possible too!

  - size examples of my horses that are this size: Elli, Aabra

Size 2: warmblood

  - suitable for normal riding horses and warmbloods, such as KWPN, SWB, DWB, Oldenburg...

  - basic size - fits for everyone

  - decent to hold up, gives a bit of a touch

  - size examples of my horses that are this size: Henri

Size 3: draft

  - good for big horses, such as shire, clydesdale...

  - also popular as a size of big warmbloods

  - may be heavier to hold up, if not used to it, requires a bit of accustoming

  - still suitable for every kinds of hobby horsing

  - size examples of my horses that are this size: Edgar, Silvo, Tessa